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News: Hermeus 'Quarterhorse' To Fly n 2022

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  1. Hermeus 'Quarterhorse' To Fly n 2022
    The Hermeus 'Quarterhorse' is the small hypersonic vehicle will prove validation of the turbine-based combined cycle (TBBC) engine that is based on the General Electric J85. Hermeus received a huge boost when it received a large contract from the U.S Air Force (USAF) for initial development of a hypersonic aircraft for U.S Presidential travel. Since then the USAF has granted 60 million dollars in follow-up funds in this current partnership.
  2. The Quarterhorse will be testing speeds between Mach 3 and Mach 5 with the TBBC engine. Metal has already been cut for the vehicle at the newly established factory in Atlanta. The aircraft will be an autonomous vehicle for this phase of testing to remove the risk of death to any test pilots should something go wrong. The next step after the Quarterhorse will be a midsize aircraft which will be used in flight testing cargo scenarios, this is expected to be by 2025. It will also give an understanding as to MRO needs for this type of aircraft. Thereafter Hermeus will endeavour to build and certify with the FAA the full-size passenger Hermeus hypersonic aircraft. The final aircraft will be a 20-seat jet envisioned for service entry by 2029.

    For more information:

    1954 Airport Rd
    Atlanta, Georgia 30341

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.