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News: Honda Aircraft Company Unveils HondaJet ELITE S

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  1. HondaJet ELITE S Unveiled By Honda Aircraft Company
    The last upgrade to the HondaJet was the ELITE version. The Honda Aircraft Company has just announced yet another upgrade to the jet, simply called the 'HondaJet ELITE S'. Several upgrades are available with the new 'S' version which is aimed at keeping the Light Jet continually in the spot light. So what is on offer and different about the latest iteration of the HondaJet. Next we take a look at some of those upgrades available.
  2. Some of the key upgrades available on the HondaJet ELITE S include; increased Gross Weight by 200 lbs, New exterior paint schemes; Gunmetal, Luxe Gold, Deep Sea Blue. There are several color options for the new Elite S logo with the bold red S as a standard offering. Highly customizable Avionics Software upgrade that is based on Garmin G3000. FAA Data Comm: Functionality intended to replace traditional voice commands with text based messaging for departure clearance and enroute services where available in the United States. ACARS: Enables text based messaging with both air traffic services and operation centers. Air traffic services include terminal information, terminal weather, and departure clearance from supported airports. ACARS also provides several functionalities for communicating with operation centers including: flight plan upload, messaging, weather, and automatic transmission of position reporting and Out/Off/On/In status. COM3: This functionality allows the operator to disable the Datalink Mode of the radio and use it as a 3rd VHF, to increase dispatch reliability. This function will come with selection of FAA Data Comm and ACARS. Finally there is the addition of the Advanced Steering Augmentation System (ASAS) that reduces pilot workload and enhances safety for missions in specific weather conditions. These are the upgrades you can expect with the HondaJet ELITE S. Some are optional and not included as a base.

    For more information:

    Honda Aircraft Company
    Greensboro, NC
    United States of America

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