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News: Horten HX-2 'Flying Wing' Debuts

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  1. HX-2 'Flying Wing' By Horten Aircraft
    A 'Flying Wing' in 2019? Yes, a prototype flew to the recently held AERO Friedrichshafen in Germany. It is called the HX-2 by Horten Aircraft. Of course the flying wing is not a new concept as this one pays homage to Reimar Horten from his exploits in the World War II era in regards to the fuselage-less winged aircraft. They only have managed to do a few flights totaling 6 hours in flight testing so far.
  2. The company is being cautious about putting concrete figures out there relating to the HX-2's performance citing they want to do alot more testing to prove their estimates. However, the aircraft is said to be able to fly just over 2,000 nautical miles with a cruising speed of about 167 mph using a pusher-prop system. The single engine is a ROTAX 912 iS that sips from two 120 LT fuel tanks. Due to its low aerodynamic resistance, the flying wing flies farther and faster than a comparable aircraft with a fuselage. The design of the airframe makes it easily adaptable for installing new propulsion technologies they anticipate will become available in the future. Construction of the aircraft was from carbon-glass fiber with honeycomb. Horten Aircraft was at AERO Friedrichshafen Booth 101 in hall B1.

    For more information:

    Horten Aircraft

    Am Flugplatz 3
    Hörselberg-Hainich 99820

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