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News: Hover Testing Of Horizon Aircraft eVTOL Cavorite X5

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  1. Horizon Aircraft eVTOL Cavorite X5 Hover Testing
    Another eVTOL prototype is making its way through the early phases of test flights. You may have heard of Horizon Aircraft's eVTOL prototype named the "Cavorite X5" on JetForums before but there has not been a plethora of news coming out of their development process. However, we are now reporting on the most recent developments concerning the Cavorite X5. Horizon Aircraft have now successfully tested the prototype at hover.
  2. The company tested the aircraft prototype in hover configuration while it was tethered to the ground. The airframer suggested that it is extremely stable at hover only utilizing 65% power. It has also hovered with approximately 20% of its fans not engaged so that they can test systems redundancy. Now that hovering testing has happened they can now focus towards the next step which is transitioning from a hover into forward flight. The company is confident that they can move to transition flight testing by the end of the first quarter of this year. They are expected to be conducting this initially at the ACE Climatic Wind Tunnel, Ontario, Canada.

    For more information:

    Horizon Aircraft, Inc.
    3187 Highway 35
    Lindsay, Ontario

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.