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News: Hydrogen-Electric Powered Airship By H3 Dynamics/HyLight

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  1. Hydrogen-Electric Airship Flight In A Few Years
    A hydrogen-electric powered airship could be coming in the next few years thanks to a collaboration between H3 Dynamics and HyLight. HyLight and H3 Dynamics started working together several months ago in France. HyLight has now achieved the first successful hydrogen-electric flight test campaign in Milan, Italy. Earlier in the year H3 Dynamics flew what is known as the world’s first distributed hydrogen-electric nacelles on a small unmanned platform.
  2. HyLight outlined many of the benefits of such a platform. Bare in mind these craft are intended to be unmanned. HyLight’s unmanned airships move slowly but don’t need to consume any power to stay aloft. They can operate for days at a time with heavier payloads compared to conventional drones, to conduct long range inspection of critical energy assets like power-lines & pipelines or scan industrial infrastructure over long distances. Airships could also hover around specific areas to provide critical connectivity for large scale industrial sites - or provide vital communications after a natural disaster. What is the timeline for an airship powered in this manner? The unmanned aviation sector is expected to reach an estimated 38 Billion by 2027. It isn't certain if the duo will be able to come to market in that time frame. Of course this is not the only platform H3 Dynamics is using to help decarbonize the aviation sector.

    For more information:

    H3 Dynamics LLC
    Wells Point Park 1011 S. Heatherwilde Blvd. #350-360
    Pflugerville, TX 78660, USA

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.