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News: Jet Aviation Redelivers Refurbished BBJ1

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  1. Jet Aviation Redelivers Refurbished BBJ1
    Jet Aviation announced that they have redelivered a refurbished BBJ1 to a customer. At the same time the aircraft had a C-1 check done. The BBJ1 had been out of service for a number of years before it was sold to the owner and subsequently refurbished. Ironically the same long-range Boeing Business Jet was also outfitted by Jet Aviation in 1999 – and happens to be the first BBJ Completions contract the company was ever awarded. The aircraft was recently sold with low air-miles to the current owner, who decided to refurbish it entirely.
  2. “Industry standards and systems capabilities have risen over the years,” said Estelle Thorin, director of Large Aircraft Maintenance. “Customers want all the same bells and whistles in their aircraft that they’re accustomed to at home, and we at Jet Aviation work closely with all the vendors to ensure they receive the best and latest solutions on the market. Our improved soundproofing technology, for example, uses high-performing materials we did not have 20 years ago.” Below is also another BBJ Jet Aviation has done that looks similar to the one above they just completed.

    For more information:

    Jet Aviation AG I Corporate Headquarters
    Aeschengraben 6
    4051 Basel I Switzerland

Thread Status:
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