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News: K5-Aviation Takes Delivery Of ACJ330-300

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  1. New ACJ330-300 Delivered To K5-Aviation
    Yesterday Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) announced that K5-Aviation has taken delivery of an ACJ330-300 from ACJ. The aircraft will now be prepared to have its VIP interior fitted. The company for that job is Fokker Techniek. They will install the 243m² cabin which will have K5-Aviation guests relaxing in utmost comfort and relaxation. With the capability to fly for up to 18.5 hours which could equate to flying from Europe all the way to Australia with out stopping, the appeal is there for discerning customers.
  2. K5-Aviation is the largest ACJ operator in Europe with four ACJ319s and one ACJ350-900 in its fleet. There is no word when Fokker Techniek will finish the interior fitout. The ACJ330 is just one of many aircraft available for the highly-demanding VIP and private markets. The ACJ330-300 delivers top-end luxury, comfort and true nonstop range to the world. The ACJ330-300 at its base is platformed from the commercial version that Airbus makes, the A330-300. However, that is where the similarities end. From custom exterior paint jobs to the 100% custom interior and range-extending capabilities, it makes these aircraft a true home in the sky for transport.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.