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News: Kodiak 100 In Air Ambulance Config Delivered By Daher

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  1. Daher Delivers Air Ambulance-Configured Kodiak 100
    Today Daher announced that it has delivered a Kodiak 100 in air ambulance configuration to Airborne Flying Service, Inc. JB Kirk, Airborne Flying Service’s president, said the benefits of the Kodiak 100 in an air ambulance role include the aircraft’s operational cost effectiveness, its large loading door, an airframe that is lower to the ground, and the state-of-the art cockpit with integrated flight deck. Kirk said that after considering multiple other choices of aircraft for the role, the Kodiak 100 became the clear choice.
  2. Nicolas Chabbert, the Senior Vice President of Daher’s Aircraft Division and CEO of Kodiak Aircraft, said the Kodiak 100 is perfectly suited for emergency medical airlift to underserved markets, enabling flights directly to local airports. "Airborne Flying Service has developed a very promising scenario for the Kodiak 100 in air ambulance applications," Chabbert added. "The company’s experience working with multiple ambulance services and building transport networks in underserved areas makes this a great opportunity. We are fully ready to support its development of such operations and to seek future evolution for the aircraft in other markets."

    For more information:

    SOCATA North America, Inc.
    North Perry Airport, 7501 South Airport Rd.
    Pembroke Pines, FL 33023 / USA

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.