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News: Lufthansa Technik Unveils Explorer Concept Cabin at MYS

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  1. Explorer Concept Cabin Unveiled By Lufthansa Technik
    Normally the Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) is typically reserved for all things marine related in the superyacht industry. Often times you do see displays of helicopters and maybe amphibious aircraft designs intended for use with superyachts. Generally big widebody VVIP jets are not the norm however, at this year's Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) Lufthansa Technik unveiled a new concept for longhaul flying of widebody executive jets like the Airbus A330-based 330neo. In its VIP form as the ACJ330 the interior square-footage offers opportunities to tinker with new ideas. At the same time, only a few ACJ330 cabin concepts have been presented to the market so far, so a great deal of customer interest can be expected.
  2. Lufthansa Technik has come up with the 'Explorer' cabin for the ACJ330 and presented it at the 2021 edition of the Monaco Yacht Show (MYS). Wieland Timm, Head of Sales VIP & Special Mission Aircraft Services, at Lufthansa Technik, commented: "Lufthansa Technik regularly develops new VIP aircraft cabin concepts that both meet the latest market requirements and represent the latest trends. With this red-hot study we continue this tradition in an innovative way. We are developing the ‘Explorer Design' for a completely new target group." In developing the cabin floor plan, emphasis was placed on a wide range of possible uses. In addition to classic room elements such as bedrooms and guest rooms, bathrooms, offices, dining and conference areas, the study shows a variety of new ideas. One example is a projection system that covers large areas of the ceiling and sides of the cabin and can thus generate a new design on the walls and ceiling depending on the projection content used, such as an underwater world. The current design is designed for around 10-16 VIP passengers and explicitly focuses on meeting the requirements of these passengers in terms of a maximum positive "passenger experience". There is further finalization to the design and a more finished product will be furnished at the upcoming Dubai Air Show in November with a 'few more surprises'.

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    Lufthansa Technik AG
    Hamburg, Germany

Thread Status:
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