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News: Massive Order For Textron Aviation As Netjets Upgrades

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  1. Netjets; Textron Aviation Sign Large Deal
    Today an agreement between NetJets and Textron Aviation was made just ahead of the 2018 NBAA-BACE. Citation jets are at the heart of the optional order for NetJets with up to 175 Citation Longitudes and 150 Citation Hemispheres. The announcement solidifies NetJets as the launch customer for the new Hemisphere. NetJets is no stranger to making very large orders from airframers. The last major Citation order involved 100 Latitudes of which 75 units have been delivered already.
  2. You would remember that Textron Aviation suspended development work on the new Citation Hemisphere because of issues with the Safran Silvercrest engines. The massive new order doesn't take the Hemisphere out of suspension just yet it just shows the great confidence NetJets has in this new jet. They are all expecting that Safran will get the issues sorted out by next year and therefore have the Hemisphere back on timeline. Textron chairman and CEO Scott Donnelly said, "we have been working for the last year with the Safran team in great detail and we’re very confident with where they are in the design process. We won't make an official date [for Hemisphere certification] until we’ve seen that. But we’re certainly confident enough that we’re going to continue our design development activity. We’re confident that we’re going to have a world-class powerplant. All of the teams at NetJets as well as our own, are [working] with our partner Safran to make sure we have a successful motor to drive this thing."

    For more information:

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