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News: Mooney In Trouble

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  1. Mooney Appears To Be In Trouble

    This week was a tough time for the Mooney airframer when many of its workers were reportedly let go. Remember a few years ago this company was taken over by Chinese interest. To be specific, a Chinese Real Estate company called Meijing Group acquired them and all seemed to be going decently for Mooney until this Chinese company closed its doors recently.
  2. Even with the Chinese backing, Mooney appeared to struggle with leadership issues. The opening of the large factory in Zhengzhou, China was a bright spark at the time but it really has not put out many aircraft. The Mooney M10 never really got off the ground either other than running through flight testing before the endeavour was scrapped. It remains unclear what will be the new future for Mooney. From all accounts, the Mooney factory is closed.

    For more information:

    Mooney Aircraft
    65 Al Mooney Road N.
    Kerrville, Texas

Thread Status:
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