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News: MT-Propeller Awarded EASA STC For 7-Bladed Prop

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  1. New 7-Bladed Prop Awarded EASA STC
    Prop manufacturer MT-Propeller has been hard at work finessing advanced multi-blade propellers that calls for 7 and even up to 9 blades. Right now they just received STC from EASA for the installation of the new 7-blade Silent 7 Propeller MTV-37-1-E-C-F-R(G)/CFR228-54( ) on the twin engine aircraft Shorts SC-7 Sky Van. The STC was granted in early October.
  2. What are the advantages of this new propeller over previous generations? It provides the best vibration damping characteristics for almost vibration free propeller operation. Bonded on nickel alloy leading edge for best erosion protection of the blades. There is a shorter take-off distance by approx. -5 % (SL, ISA conditions). Enhanced climb performance by approx. 10 % (SL, ISA conditions). Unlimited blade life and FOD repairable blades. Quicker engine start, reduced ITT / EGT during engine start. Significant inside and outside noise reductions. Comply with the strict German noise regulations 2010 - "Landeplatz Lärmschutz Verordnung" for unrestricted airport operations in Germany and other European Countries. Below is a look at the 9-blade propeller that is in the works by MT-Propeller.

    For more information:

    MT-Propeller Entwicklung GmbH
    Flugplatzstr. 1
    94348 Atting, Germany

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.