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News: Nextant 400A/XP Next Gen Flight Deck

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  1. Nextant 400A/XP Next Gen Flight Deck
    Nextant, the airframer of the remanufactured 400XTI is offering upgraded flight deck for owners and operators of the 400A and XP variants. The four-display layout of the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 suite is what is available for the 400A and XP. The latest Pro Line 21™ flight deck brings ADS-B compliance, four displays, synthetic vision, and newly-designed glare shield as standard features. Year-end incentive offers feature-rich flight deck for $399,995 with three year warranty. “The market has been asking for a flight deck solution that not only addresses pending regulatory and obsolescence issues, but offers a high-tech platform with exceptional dispatch reliability,” explained Jay Heublein, Executive Vice President for Nextant. “This cockpit solution meets those requirements in an extremely cost effective manor-both on the acquisition and sustainment side,” stated Mr. Heublein.
  2. “For the Beechjet, Pro Line 21 injects a proven combination of modern LCD/LED technology, enhanced operational capabilities, and exceptional value” said Craig Olson, vice president and general manager, Business and Regional Systems for Rockwell Collins. “Based on a strong record of performance and reliability across more than 5,200 Pro Line 21-equipped aircraft in service around the globe, this special upgrade incentive provides savings at the time of installation, and reduces avionics component removals and maintenance costs throughout the operating lifecycle.” Stephen Maiden, President of Constant Aviation noted, “This tremendous value adds upgraded technology to the cockpit while simultaneously complying with the 2020 ADS-B mandate. Our complimentary three-year warranty covers parts and labor. The Pro Line 21 package can be installed at any of our three nationwide facilities with just a three-week downtime. Additionally, we have twenty AOG teams across the country for in the field servicing,” said Stephen Maiden, President of Constant Aviation.

    For more information:

    Nextant Aerospace,
    355 Richmond Road,
    Cleveland, Ohio 44143 USA

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