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News: Nextant 604XT Flight Deck Upgrades Flying Along

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  1. Nextant 604XT Flight Deck Upgrades Flying Along
    Nextant Aerospace who remanufactures certain aircraft types and components has reached a bit of a milestone with the 604XT (their remanufacture of the Bombardier Challenger 604). They also have the 400XTi and turboprop G90XT. For the 604XT they have been upgrading the flight deck onboard with the Pro Line Fusion package and recently they inducted the 15th cockpit upgrade for work. This is since being provided with the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) in November 2018.
  2. Nextant Aerospace is working at full-throttle as they have at least another 30 of these flight deck upgrades to do on the 604XT model before the year ends. Steve Bruce, Nextant Aerospace 604XT Program Director, commented, "As I have talked with numerous owners and operators over the past 2 years, the one thing that is consistent in every conversation is they understand Pro Line FusionĀ® is the only way to operate their Challenger 604 into the future. At the center of that conversation is the imminent Pro Line 4 CRT obsolescence. Challenger 604 owners clearly see their opportunity to trade in their obsolete avionics for a reasonably priced 21st Century flight deck that ensures efficient flight operations for many years to come." This sums up the reason why Nextant is having such demand regarding the upgrades, because of the outdated nature of the original flight deck that came with Challenger 604s.

    For more information:

    Nextant Aerospace,
    355 Richmond Road,
    Cleveland, Ohio 44143 USA

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