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News: Nextant Aerospace 604XT Pro Line Fusion® Upgrade Frenzy

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  1. Nextant Aerospace 604XT Pro Line Fusion® Upgrade Frenzy
    It is a frenzy at Nextant Aerospace when it comes to the upgrading of the cockpit systems of older Bombardier 604s. Nextant Aerospace is offering their 604XT ProLine Fusion® Upgrade and it is proving to be quite popular with owners and operators who want to make sure their Challenger 604s are relevant and cutting-edge in the cockpit. At present Nextant Aerospace says they have seven of these upgrades going on simultaneously.
  2. "There are three big reasons we’ve seen a surge of 604 operators making the switch to Pro Line Fusion®," said Steve Bruce, Nextant Aerospace 604XT program director. "First, it brings the flight deck into the 21st century, providing pilots with intuitive touchscreen technology and exceptional situational awareness. Second, it brings the aircraft into ADS-B compliance in time for the Jan. 1 deadline. And finally, it replaces the standard CRT displays that Collins Aerospace is phasing out."If you have been following the work that Nextant Aerospace does you would know that the 604XT Pro Line Fusion® upgrade is only part of the extensive work they can do to the Challenger 604. In fact, this only represents Phase 1 of the scope of work they can do. Additional phases include modernized interior cabin design configurations and refurbishments (Phase II) and aerodynamic enhancements for improved performance that are designed to deliver a 500 nautical mile range improvement with a service ceiling expansion to FL410 (Phase III).

    For more information:

    Nextant Aerospace,
    355 Richmond Road,
    Cleveland, Ohio 44143 USA

Thread Status:
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