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News: Nextant Aerospace Finishes G90XT Test Campaign

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  1. G90XT By Nextant Aerospace Ready For Certification
    Nextant Aerospace, the remanufacture specialist is on the cusp of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification for their G90XT. Nextant announced at the ongoing 2017 NBAA-BACE that they have more-or-less completed the test campaign for the respective aircraft. This largely surrounds the single-lever engine control system which allows for each engine to be controlled by just one lever and pitch controls will be handled by the FADEC.
  2. Nextant Aerospace CEO Jay Heublein said, “The King Air family is the most successful business aviation platform in the history of our industry, but it has lacked the technology that the jet market has benefited from over the past decade.” Lead test pilot, Nathan Market said, "The combination of single-lever power control technology, the fully integrated Garmin G1000 cockpit and the new digital pressurization system delivers the most advanced combination of technology I’ve seen in a turboprop.” You can check out an example of the G90XT at the NBAA-BACE as one is on static display. After this show, Nextant will have the aircraft go on a demonstration tour around the United States. Certification is expected to be about one month after the show and there after approval from EASA should be forthcoming.

    For more information:

    Nextant Aerospace,
    355 Richmond Road,
    Cleveland, Ohio 44143 USA

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