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News: Nextant Eyes Certification For G90XT Single-Lever Controls

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  1. Nextant Aerospace G90XT Single-Lever Controls Poised For Certification
    Nextant Aerospace appears to be on the cusp of certification of new Single-Lever Controls for their G90XT. The power controls are digitally controlled and Nextant hopes to gain validation by the first half of 2017. Basically this validation is the last stepping-stone to having the G90XT fully certified and then eventually pave the way for deliveries to start. It is important to note that the G90XT was certified in late 2015 but the Single Lever controls was still an issue. Just as a reminder, the G90XT is Nextant Aerospace manufacturer twin turboprop of the Beechcraft King Air C90.
  2. The G90XT was awarded US type certification in November 2015 but the single-lever controls required additional testing. “The system is not retrofittable, so there have been no deliveries to date,” says Nextant’s executive vice-president of global sales and marketing, Jay Heublein. Several hundred hours have been flown with the new digitally controlled single-lever and have performed 'flawlessly'. Hopefully all goes well and deliveries of the G90XT can commence into the third quarter.

    For more information:

    Nextant Aerospace,
    355 Richmond Road,
    Cleveland, Ohio 44143 USA

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