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News: Niki Lauda Passes Away

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  1. Formula 1 Champion Niki Lauda Passes Away
    Former Formula 1 Champion Niki Lauda has passed away. After an operation in August last year and then was back in hospital earlier this year he passed on yesterday. Even though he was well known for his exploits in racing Niki Lauda was very active in aviation, both commerical and business aviation. Many will remember his exploits with Lauda Air in 1985 of which the remnants still operate today as Lauda (as of March 2019). Perhaps in the business aviation scene, Niki Lauda was known for his ownership of Bombardier aircraft and more recently being a brand ambassador for them.
  2. Niki Luada more recently owned a Global 6000, a Global 5000. He owned a LearJet 36 in the late 70s as well. However, he owned Bombardier's flagship the Global 7500 which he only took delivery of two months ago in March. Niki Lauda was also a pilot himself having racked up approximately 18,000 hours over the years.

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