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News: Orb Aerospace Tests EVTOL Demonstrator

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  1. Orb Aerospace Moves Forward With Development Of SJX EVTOL
    Have you heard about Orb Aerospace? They were previously known as Wind Craft Aviation. Wind Craft Aviation, a company developing electric aviation technology in unprecedented new ways, announced their rebranding into Orb Aerospace back in February of this year. The company is presently working on an eVTOL in which they have a demonstrator under testing. In fact recently they tested the eVTOL and its hovering capabilities as seen in the last photo.
  2. The demonstrator is really a proof of concept that the craft they designed is fully functional and that they can scale up to a full-sized craft that they call the SJX. The company is making this craft to be applicable to any mission through Redundancy, Vertical Take Off and Modularity of the wings. SJX is engineered with redundant propulsion and flight critical systems to ensure safety by design. SJX uses a combination of propulsion methods in order to provide high efficiency vertical and horizontal flight. The wings of SJX are removable to provide optimized wings for each specific mission and application. The company of touting a 1,000 nautical mile range and a speed of 185mph with up to 500lbs payload.

    For more information:

    Orb Aerospace
    730 Lincoln Lake Ave
    Building 3
    Lowell, MI 49331

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.