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News: Piaggio Aero Avanti New Brakes, Wheels Take Shape

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  1. New Brakes; Wheels Take Shape For Piaggio Aero Avanti
    The Piaggio Aero Avanti I, II and the EVO are in line for new brakes and wheel upgrades as Piaggio and Parker Aerospace Wheel & Brake are currently testing them and are in advanced stage of that work. The new wheels and brakes are expected to certified next year and will be available for the aforementioned Piaggio models. Recently completed are the overpressure, radial load, fatigue (roll), and brake endurance tests, while the final wheel load tests are scheduled for completion in the month of October. Preliminary physical fit and static functional checks have been conducted on both configurations of landing gear of the Avanti and of the Avanti EVO. On-runway braking tests will take place next year, with final approval and release of the product expected in the course of 2018.
  2. Aircraft Wheel & Brake Engineering Manager Dan Basch noted, “Compatible with the most commonly used tires in the field today, the Parker forged aluminium wheel provides excellent corrosion resistance, as well as advanced safety features protecting against both manual and thermally induced tire over-pressurization. Heat shields are included in the design to help maintain acceptable tire temperatures. The Parker steel brake integrates seamlessly with existing aircraft normal and emergency hydraulic systems, and requires no aircraft or landing gear modifications to install. The high-performance steel brake was engineered to maintain smooth and consistent operation and even wear across the available life.”

    For more information:

    Piaggio Aero
    Viale Generale Disegna, 1
    17038 Villanova d’Albenga
    (Savona, Italy)


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