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News: Piaggio Gets Another U.S Order For Avanti EVO

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  1. Another Avanti EVO order For U.S Customer
    You might remember JF wrote an article back in September 2020 on a surprise order from the United States for an Avanti EVO. The order came from Mid-South Service Inc and you can read more on that at the following link. . This time however, there is a new order from another U.S based customer, US investment company Off The Chain Capital.
  2. The cabin will be fitted with an enlarged passenger entry door for better wheelchair access and arranged in a VIP configuration capable of accommodating up to six passengers. "My first flight in a P.180 was about 15 years ago. After experiencing the large cabin, high speed, and fuel efficiency, I made it my goal to buy Piaggio", commented Brian Estes, managing partner and CIO of Off The Chain Capital. "I am very excited to have finally made this dream come true." Piaggio's work is slowly growing despite the current situation with the company's pending sale. at least 14 new Avanti EVOs are in production for various customers and the company has keep kept busy with Defense maintenance contract work from the Italian Air Force. Expect the new Avanti EVO to be delivered to the customer in the first quarter of 2022.

    For more information:

    Piaggio Aero
    Viale Generale Disegna, 1
    17038 Villanova d’Albenga
    (Savona, Italy)

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.