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News: Pilatus Enjoys Good 2019; Flies Into Headwinds In 2020

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  1. Pilatus Tailwinds In 2019; Pilatus Headwinds In 2020
    2019 turned out to be a good year for Swiss airframer Pilatus Aircraft. Performance figures were similar to that of its 2018 numbers too which were commendable. Entering 2020 wasn't bad their but Corona Virus pandemic had a major part in Pilatus' performance so far for the year. Pilatus chairman Oscar J. Schwenk said: "I am very pleased with our performance in 2019. I note, however, that the corona pandemic has pitched us – and many others – into a period of severe turbulence requiring constant fact-based readjustment of our chosen heading."
  2. 2019 saw the shipment of 134 aircraft with the PC-12 still leading the way for the airframer. PC-12NGs accounted for 83 of the overall figure. 40 PC-24 Super Versatile Jets were also delivered along with a handful of PC-21s (11 PC-21s). Despite the current challenges in 2020, the company started the year with over 2 billion (Swiss Francs) in orders. "In a situation which no one could have foreseen, it is reassuring to know that the financial reserves set aside in the past will ensure we are able to navigate the current crisis in preparation for a clean landing and a renewed take-off into the future, together. In the final instance, our business success benefits everyone," Schwenk continued.

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