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News: Pilatus PC-24 Fleet Expands Across The Globe

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  1. PC-24 Deliveries Spread Across The Globe
    The Super Versatile PC-24 business jet from Pilatus Aircraft has been making deliveries to major markets around the world now. Since certification and entry into service the PC-24 has made deliveries to the United States, Luxembourg, South Africa and of course Switzlerland. Those countries account for twelve PC-24s and by the end of the year that number is expected to jump to 23.
  2. PlaneSense was the launch customer for the Pilatus PC-24 Super Versatile jet and it has piled on 620 flight hours of operation already. The other aircraft combine with this to make 1200 operational hours in service so far. George Antoniadis, President and CEO of PlaneSense commented: "Our clients absolutely love the PC-24 and it is a wonderful complement to our expansive fleet of PC-12s. The jet has allowed us to expand our offering with a larger cabin and higher speeds. Its ability to access very short runways allows us to safely reach destinations that other business jets cannot. With that larger choice of runways and higher cruise speed, we can significantly reduce point-to-point travel time, a true game changer. We can’t wait to add more PC-24s to meet our clients’ demands."

    For more information:

    Pilatus Aircraft Ltd
    Stans, Switzerland

Thread Status:
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