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News: Pilatus PC-24 Launch Customer To Take Delivery In Late 2017

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  1. Launch Customer Of Pilatus PC-24 To Take Delivery In Late 2017
    The first Pilatus PC-24 production unit is expected to be in possession of the launch customer by late 2017. The first delivery is anticipated to go to PlaneSense and apparently they have more orders for the jet on the horizon. In fact 5 more units of the type have been ordered by this company. PlaneSense is not a stranger to Pilatus as they have utilized the PC-12 in their fleet for a while now.
  2. George Antoniadis, president and CEO of PlaneSense said: “Offering a comprehensive fractional jet program with choices of aircraft type to ‘match the mission’ is a natural evolution for the PlaneSense program, and more importantly, it is an expansion that our clients enthusiastically support. We are pleased to build upon our longstanding relationship with Pilatus by adding jets to our fleet, and we highly anticipate the honour of acquiring the first PC-24 in the world,” he added.

    For more information:

    Pilatus Aircraft Ltd
    Corporate Communications
    P.O. Box 992
    6371 Stans, Switzerland

Thread Status:
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