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News: Pilatus Ramps Up Deliveries Of PC-24

  1. PC-24 By Pilatus Aircraft Ramping Up On Deliveries
    Swiss airframer Pilatus Aircraft is out of the gate and running with regards to their Super Versatile PC-24 jet. Already since entry into service (EIS) the company has delivered five aircraft of the type. Now plans are in place to ramp up production to match the rate needed to satisfy the 84 orders taken. Of course Pilatus only received 84 orders because they closed the order book so they would not be overly swamped. The company expects to reopen the order book for the PC-24 in 2019.
  2. The airframer's target for this year is to delivery 24 PC-24s and increase to 40 in 2019 and 50 in 2020. Pilatus chairman Oscar Schwenk was quoted as saying, "we have a full orderbook". It appears that the company will start testing for operations on unproven (rough/unpaved) strips as this was one of the marketing points of the PC-24. While certification isn't needed for this, they will still like to have governing bodies comfortable with the type operating into unproven fields. The current PC-24 costs around 8.9 million dollars.

    For more information:

    Pilatus Aircraft
    Pilatus Aircraft Ltd
    Stans, Switzerland


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