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News: Pilatus Upgrades The PC-24

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  1. The PC-24 Being Upgraded By Pilatus
    With other airframers offering upgrades or slightly different iterations to their best-selling jets, Swiss manufacturer Pilatus is upgrading the PC-24 super versatile jet. According to the airframer based on customer feedback from over 50,000 hours of fleet operations, Pilatus has incorporated numerous new features into Super Versatile Jets which come off the production line from this year onward. Existing owners and operators of the PC-24 need not to worry as the upgrades will be available. The upgrades are centered around, passenger experience, avionics and so on.
  2. Pilots of the PC-24 will now enjoy smarter avionics to work with. The Advanced Cockpit Environment (ACE) has been given a facelift with the introduction of a touch-screen avionics controller. That replaces the multi-function controller as standard equipment. The touch-screen controller was first introduced in the PC-12 NGX and proved to be very successful. The PC-24’s flight control system now incorporates Tactile Feedback in both roll and pitch to prevent unintended unusual attitudes. The standard auto-throttle system also includes a new Automatic Speed Protection function. A new automatic yaw trim function further reduces flight crew workload during departure and climb phases.
  3. Among the new avionics features offered on the PC-24 are Honywell’s SmartRunway and SmartLanding advisory functions which enhance safety and reduce pilot workload with audible callouts for On Runway, Approach Runway, Runway End, Excessive Approach Angle, and Taxiway and Landing Advisories. Also available are VHF Datalink with AFIS, ACARS Graphical Weather, basic and advanced satellite graphical weather (S-XM), FMS Takeoff and Landing Data (TOLD), Controller to Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC) over the FANS 1/A+ network, KMA-29A Bluetooth 3D audio panel with record and playback functions, the Honeywell RDR-7000 solid state weather radar with predictive hail and lightning functions, and more.
  4. For the passenger experience in the cabin, new executive seats are being introduced which are lighter and more comfortable. They fully recline to a flat position. The seats are attached to the cabin’s flat floor with quick -release mechanisms to facilitate rapid seating configuration changes on the ground. In lieu of the standard forward left-hand coat closet, operators may now choose to install a galley with options for a microwave oven, a coffee or espresso maker, a generous work surface, dedicated ice storage, and capacity for standard catering units.

    For more information:

    Pilatus Aircraft Ltd
    Stans, Switzerland

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.