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News: Pipstrel Unveils eVTOL Concept

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  1. Pipstrel Unveils eVTOL Concept
    At the Uber Elevate Summit this week Pipstrel unveiled an eVTOL concept. The head at Pipstrel, Ivo Boscarol said, “Pipistrel is not trying to reinvent the helicopter by giving the vehicle many rotors, but is rather embracing dedicated propulsion solutions for cruise and vertical lift with built-in scaling capability.” To make the concept become a reality, they will be partnering with a Slovenian composite specialist named Elan.
  2. Mark Moore who is Uber's Director of Engineering of Elevate Vehicle Systems said: "Pipistrel has been one of the pioneers in electric aircraft development, helping push the age of electric flight en mass. As an Uber Elevate partner, their [Pipstrel's] eVTOL concept is pushing the industry toward the next generation of distributed electric propulsion." The eVTOL aircraft is looking to carry between two and six people at this stage. As part of its broader Elevate Aviation Initiative, UBER plans to operate a network of small, electric aircraft in numerous cities around the globe to enable four-person ridesharing flights in densely populated urban regions.

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