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News: Privacy Matters!

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    Forums originally shaped the internet and thanks to tech companies that violate user trust, forums are thriving again. In fact, Facebook started Groups to compete with internet forums. Social media is fun, but privacy is essential. We've spent 10 years building a digital documentary on jet aviation without ever tracking readers or selling user information. Some of our earliest members were recognizable names from the Fortune 500; folks who answer to shareholders, employees and competitors. For security reasons they take privacy seriously.
  2. One of those members was Tom Perkins, the Silicon Valley venture capitalist behind Google, Amazon and Netscape (which became the privacy-based; Mozilla Firefox). He was also the owner of the Maltese Falcon. As early adapters of the net, Tom and I shared common interests; flying remote control helicopters and building better medias. We had a series of discussions about the evolution of the Internet and the importance of Privacy. Tom saw two internet users; those who use social media and those who do not.
  3. Tom understood the implications of exploiting privacy and we are watching it play out today. Tech companies are collecting user data without consent. The scope of this is more than targeting you with advertising, they are peering into your thoughts, your life and building algorithms that will determine your access to healthcare, education, opportunity, credit, connection and employment.
  4. We believe everyone should have the right to anonymity, to post from behind a pseudonym and to access our resource without being recorded, tracked or monitored. This is why we don't use ad networks. Instead, JF is supported by companies in the aviation industry that value the resource we've built.
    • We never tracked our visitors or sold member information.
    • We don't install cookies on your device without consent.
    • Our advertisers don't use UTM codes.
    • Our mailers are text based. Graphics in emails can hide embedded trackers.
    Tips to protect yourself:
    • Use privacy-based search engines like DuckDuckGo.
    • Use secure email providers such as ProtonMail.
    • Use secure browsers such as Mozilla Firefox.
    • Unsubscribe any emails from Constant Contact, MailChimp, etc.
    • Use a VPN.
    Google competitor: DuckDuckGo increased traffic by 62% in 2020.

    Privacy first.

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.