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News: Relatively Strong Year For Airbus Corporate Jets

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  1. Airbus Corporate Jets Records Relatively Strong Year So Far
    For many, 2020 has been a year that saw significant hits to operations and revenues earned for obvious reasons but Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) appear to be singing a different tune. They have recorded a fairly decent 2020 so far with their ultra-luxe executive bespoke versions of Airbus' commercial airliners. While speaking at the NBAA-VBACE, ACJ President, Benoit Defforge suggested that ACJ has been able to keep pace with deliveries so far for the year despite the complexities and challenges of the pandemic. Also, as a result of doing this and selling aircraft to new clients it made the time right to launch the ACJ Two-Twenty - the new VVIP/executive variant of the Airbus A220-.
  2. Four ACJs have been delivered for the year so far and the company raked in orders for thirteen jets, six of which are ACJ Two-Twentys. The break down is for four ACJ320neos and three VIP A330s and of course the six ACJ Two-Twentys. Comlux who is a partner with ACJ in the completions business will be working on a significant number of ACJ Two-Twentys under contract. In fact they are under contract to finish fifteen units of the Two-Twentys. Airbus Corporate Jets also delivered the first ACJ350 to the German Air Force with the second one just weeks away from delivery as well.

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Thread Status:
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