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News: Rocky Times At Icon Aircraft

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  1. Icon Aircraft To Shed Workforce By 40-Percent
    There is news that Icon Aircraft is going to shed their workforce by 40-percent. It sounds like bad news and it is for the workers who are going to be out of a job but from their perspective it is reorganizing the way they do business. The Chief Operating Officer, Thomas Wieners said, "Icon is currently structured for higher volume production, but after producing more than 100 aircraft, we now have a very good understanding of costs. And while the Icon A5 is truly an exceptional plane, the necessary higher price lowers demand considerably and requires us to adjust the organization's size as a result."
  2. Icon Aircraft's Icon A5 has had a bit of a turbulent time recently when it comes to crashes of this aircraft mainly due to misuse of the planes by its operator. One of the most recent accidents happened when an operator tried to land an A5 on a lake with the gear extended and thus resulted in a violent flipping on the aircraft after contact. Others have tried to land the aircraft on a hard surface runway with the gear retracted, you can only imagine how those scenarios ended. "We’ve certainly seen what’s happening [on that front] and don’t like it," Wieners said. With over 100 of these aircraft built as of the end of July 2019, there are more than a few in operation now. The aircraft can cost upwards of 389,000 dollars and remain airborne for just under 350 nautical miles.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.