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News: Rolls Royce Building Fastest All-Electric Aircraft In The World

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  1. Fastest All-Electric Aircraft In The World By Rolls Royce
    The fastest all-electric vehicle in the world is presently in the works by powerhouse Rolls Royce. Of course there are a few other players involved in a project like this such as YASA who will provide the lightweight electrical motors and the British Government partly as well as Electroflight Ltd. The whole idea about this project is to be able to have a detailed assessment about the true potential of Electric flight in the future. To this end, project is known as Accelerating the Electrification of Flight or (ACCEL).
  2. As a result the plane is carded to have a 300-mph or more top speed. They expect to be flying the test aircraft next year from an airstrip in Wales but in the meantime they will test in a variety of conditions first before moving to the airstrip. Come 2020 we look forward to the news of this feat after all it is the bigger picture that needs to be attained and that is the getting the technologies perfected for sustained all-electric flight.

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