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News: Rolls Royce Pearl 10X Development Update

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  1. Development Update On Rolls Royce Pearl 10X
    The Pearl 10X is one of the newest engines to the market that Rolls Royce is currently developing and actively testing. The new powerplant will power Dassault's new 10X in 2025 barring no delays. The engine which is the latest engine in the Pearl series is carded to produce 18,000 lbs of thrust. Another RR Pearl engine is the Pearl 700 which is powering the new Gulfstream G700. For Dassault and its selection of this latest Pearl engine, testing is progressing apace and so far the test hours have surpassed 1,000.
  2. The RR Pearl 10X is the most powerful in the Pearl family of engines to date. It began testing earlier this year and even on initial tests the powerplant flew-through the target levels. The first complete 10X powerplant (which will include a nacelle from Spirit Aerospace, engine buildup, and mount system) is anticipated for roll out later this year. Besides the G700 and Falcon 10X the Pearl family is also fitted on the refreshed Global 5500 and 6500 models of Bombardier. The Pearl 10X is the third powerplant system carded for an executive jet with the Falcon 10X being more-or-less a clean sheet design and the G700 taking inspiration from the G650/ER and the Global 5500/6500 being upgrades/refreshes of the Global 5000 and 6000.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.