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News: Rolls Royce Pearl 700 Engine Run 100% SAF

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  1. Gulfstream G700 Pearl 700 Engine Run On 100% SAF In Test
    The Pearl 700 is the new powerplant in development by Rolls Royce (RR) for the brand new Gulfstream flagship G700 jet. The Pearl 700 engine is a 18,250 lbs thrust engine which is being hailed as more efficient and powerful than the BR725 powerplant that currently powers the Gulfstream G650. The Pearl 700 also shows that it can consume Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). The breakthrough here is that in a recent test the Pearl 700 engine utilized 100% SAF. Previous to this all engines that consumed SAF utilized blended SAF which with a mixture with conventional aviation fuel up to 50% ratio.
  2. Environmentally conscious advocates don't celebrate just yet though. As good as this is for the environment (potentially) the industry is still very far off from achieving a total or at least significant reduction in its carbon footprint. SAF is certainly the way to go but there are still many issues and hurdles to overcome. There are still many bizjets out there that are powered by older engines which cannot consume SAF at 100%. For its widespread adoption SAF needs to be available everywhere and that is not the case at present. The Pearl 700 engine is approximately 5% more efficient and offers 12% better thrust to weight ratio. The SAF utilized in the recent test was produced by World Energy and sourced by Shell Aviation.

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Thread Status:
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