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News: Samad E-Starling Enters Preliminary Design Phase

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  1. Samad's E-Starling Starts Preliminary Design Phase
    Firstly, for those who may not know what the E-Starling Jet by Samad Aerospace is, here is a brief background. The E-Starling is an electric VTOL business jet that has the range of 1500 miles and can carry 5 people (and a further 80 kg of baggage) with one person being the pilot. The Starling Jet has the speed of 450 miles per hour and is going to be developed with fly-by -wire and full autonomous capability. Additionally it will be able to take off and land from an area that is as small as a helipad.
  2. The Starling Jet is designed to have the high power-to-weight ratio electric fans similar to that of gas turbine engines. In addition, it features the power electronics and battery technology that can operate at a very low temperature and extreme environment of 30,000 ft altitude. The company is taking advantage of current developments in battery and power electronics and low cost gas turbine engine for charging the batteries at cruise. The new developmental aircraft has entered the preliminary design phase now. There is quite some interest for the aircraft too with more than 80 LOI's being made so far specifically for the E-Starling. CEO Seyed Mohseni says they need around 80 million Pounds to be able to complete this phase of development. Overall they need about 205 million pounds or 260 million USD to go through certification program and bring it to market. They plan to start flight testing in 2020.

    For more information:

    Samad Aerospace
    Conway House
    Cranfield Technology Park
    Wharley End
    MK43 0FQ Bedfordshire
    United Kingdom

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