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News: Start-Up ZeroG's ZG-ONE eVTOL

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  1. ZG-ONE eVTOL By ZeroG
    One of the newest eVTOL proposals is from start-up ZeroG. It is called the ZG-ONE eVTOL. Established in early 2021 the company is looking to bring to market a unique 2-passenger eVTOL with six-axis and six-paddle configuration. If it makes it to market it will find its purpose in multiple areas such as logistics and transportation, emergency rescue and even geological exploration.
  2. By 2030 the eVTOL market could be worth as much as 31-billion dollars. No surprise why alot of start-ups are emerging seemingly from no-where. ZeroG recently completed a fund raiser that netted 1.48 million USD with partner investor BlueRun Ventures China. Terry Zhu who is Managing Partner at BRV China, said, "In order for eVTOLs to fully flourish, there are certain complex technological thresholds to break through. The Zerog team possesses full-stack technical skills and product engineering capabilities. We are confident they can empower eVTOLs into much wider applications." In the end, ZeroG plans to make three variations or configurations of the craft. The second-generation ZG-VC2 will feature a composite wing and the third-generation will have a tilt-rotor system be be called the ZG-T6, seating up to six people.

    For more information:

    BRV China
    Suite 1308, Office Tower 1,
    China Central Place, 81 Jianguo Road,
    Chaoyang District, Beijing

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.