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News: Stratos 714 VLJ Makes Maiden Flight

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  1. Stratos 714 VLJ Makes Maiden Flight
    Another new model has taken to the skies for the first time. The latest is in the Very Light Personal Jet Category coming from Oregon based Stratos Aircraft. The Stratos 714 made its maiden flight on November 21st according to the company. In the 714 you can cross the United States in a mere seven hours of flight time with a single stop at full payload. Until now, no personal aircraft could accomplish this feat. No other aircraft can match it for its size or acquisition cost.
  2. During the 10-minute flight, the all-composite aircraft reached a speed of 128-knots and an altitude of 3,700 feet with the flaps set at 24 degrees and the gear extended. It was just a quick evaluation of systems but in reality once this single-engine jet comes to market it is expected to fly up to 41,000 feet. During testing though Stratos plans to eventually get the aircraft as high as 37,000 feet. Pratt & Whitney Canada JT15D-5 powered the Stratos 714 on the first flight even though when the aircraft was announced a few years ago it was said that Williams would be powering the aircraft with the FJ44-3AP.

    For more information:

    Stratos Aircraft, Inc.
    253 SE Franklin Street,
    Redmond, OR 97756

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