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News: SyberJet SJ30i 2.0

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  1. SyberJet SJ30i Reboot
    You might have heard of the SyberJet SJ30i in the light category before . SyberJet has rebooted this impressive little business jet on the flight deck with Honeywell's Epic 2.0 Flight Deck. The avionics for this jet involve four 12-inch screens that show the pilots pretty much anything they need to see or know. Basically the second generation of this flight deck will now be trialed to have the amended Type Certification. Over the next 18 months the avionics will be rigourously tested before delivery of the SJ30i.
  2. "We completed all of the test points planned for the first flight and got a look at how much easier the cockpit and systems are to manage with the new Honeywell Epic 2.0 cockpit," said SyberJet chief engineering test pilot Mark Elwess. At NBAA-BACE you can actually look forward to seeing a cabin mockup of the SJ30i as well as a test article.

    For more information:

    SyberJet Aircraft
    526 North Aviation Way
    Cedar City, UT 84721

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