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News: T4 Joins Guflstream G700 Test Program

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  1. Gulfstream G700 T4 Enters Test Fleet
    N705GD joined the G700 flight test program on Friday when it took the the air for the first for an hour and fifty-six minute flight. This G700 is dubbed T4 by Gulfstream which showcases how this new program is already advancing and maturing. Two more test articles are to join the flight test team. T5 and T6 are the remaining aircraft. T5 will be utilized for Level D simulator data gathering as well as avionics data while T6 will be the production test aircraft with the finished interior for testing.
  2. So far, T1 has been used for general flight control and expansion of the flight envelope. T2 is engaged in static tests as well as cabin development works, T3 is involved in Parameter Identification Data (PID)/Load testing. T4 will pick up on avionics, environmental control system, mechanical systems, electrical power, and hydraulics. "This is the fourth first flight we’ve accomplished within just eight months, and that is a truly impressive feat," said Gulfstream Aerospace president Mark Burns. "What sets Gulfstream apart is that we ensure our aircraft are mature upon certification, so our customers know that what we deliver will be safe, reliable, and exceed their expectations."

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Thread Status:
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