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News: Talon-A Ready For Stratolaunch ROC

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  1. Stratolaunch ROC Ready For Talon-A Aerodynamic Testing
    In April, JF wrote an article concerning Stratolaunch ROC ready to return to the skies. This article serves as an update to that one and we reveal the hypersonic vehicle it is supposed to carry. The first hypersonic vehicle is called Talon-A and below is a photo of the craft which is to be attached to the newly designed mount. The new centerline mount will be the center of attention as this will be the attachment point for future hypersonic test vehicles. Talon-A is expected to make its first flight with Stratolaunch ROC later this year. The vehicle is expected to fly in excess of Mach 5.
  2. Although the first flight is later this year it is not expected to actually fly as they are testing the aerodynamics with the aircraft attached to the pylon. Of course upcoming iterations of the Talon-A will be powered and autonomous (uncrewed). The overall picture for the Stratolaunch being used as the platform for hypersonic weapons is to help the Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency better understand defense against hypersonic weapons through threat replications.

    For more information:

    Stratolaunch HQ
    555 Riccomini St,
    Mojave, CA 93501

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.