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News: Tamarack Aero Recommences Installation Of Active Winglets

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  1. Tamarack Aero Back To Installing Active Winglets
    After the last news of Tamarack Aero filing for bankruptcy (Chapter 11) in the midst of the Airworthiness Directives filed against their Active Winglets the company is back to work on them. Tamarack Aero is back to installing those Active Winglets on compatible business jets again after. The FAA and EASA allowed Active Winglet fitted jets to return to service and also paved the way for Tamarack to resume installations. In fact, currently they have a CJ1 under work for fitment of the winglet devices at their Sandpoint, Idaho facility.
  2. The issues started with concerns that malfunctioning Tamarack Active Camber Surface (TACS) on the said winglet could lead to loss of control of the aircraft. This prompted the Airworthiness Directives from EASA back in April and the FAA followed suit in May with their own. Now the restrictions have been lifted and Tamarack are back to work. "In the last few weeks, Tamarack has taken three deposits and scheduled two installations with more sales in the pipeline," Tamarack Aero CEO Nick Guida said. "We are also working with our nine U.S. and seven international service centers to support their sales and installation efforts."

    For more information:

    Tamarack Aerospace
    2021 Industrial Drive
    Sandpoint, ID 83864, USA

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