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News: Tecnam P2010 Tdi Achieves FAA Approval

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  1. FAA Certifies Tecnam P2010 Tdi
    The General Aviation market now has even more options with the recent Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification of the Tecnam P2010 Tdi. The P2010 airframe, with its wide, composite, fuselage design and the all-metal wing and stabilator, has proven to be the perfect platform to match the Diesel engine performance and capabilities. The consolidated comfort, 3rd door back seat accessibility, safety and reliability of the 'P Twenty-Ten' are now accompanied by the added efficiency granted by the use of Diesel/JetA1 fuel. This proven power plant technology attributes to the extremely low operating costs provided by the dual FADEC-controlled Continental engine.
  2. Efficiency is also high on the priority list. The Turbo Diesel/JetA1 power plant offers an outstanding cruise-fuel burn that ranges from 4.5 USG/hr (17 liters/hr) at 55% power, to 7 USG/hr (27 liters/hr) at 75% power. The standard P2010 fuel tanks ensure an unrivalled range in excess of 1,000 NM and endurance of up to 12 hours, all monitored through the state-of-the-art standard Garmin G1000Nxi avionics package. "The addition of the Continental Diesel Engine is more proof that Tecnam is dedicated to the General Aviation Marketplace by providing safe, efficient, innovative aircraft for today’s pilots." says Tecnam’s Director of Sales, David Copeland.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.