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News: Textron Aviation Launches King Air 360/360ER

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  1. King Air 360/360ER Unveiled By Textron Aviation
    Textron Aviation announced today the unveiling of their latest model, the King Air 360/360ER. As you would imagine, this is an upgraded version of the already very popular King Air 350/350ER. So what's different on the new King Air 360/360ER? The updated flagship turboprop offers the latest technological advancements in the cockpit, a redesigned cabin, and enhancements to passenger comfort. The aircraft is currently in production with customer deliveries expected to begin in the Fall of 2020.
  2. "The Beechcraft King Air 360 builds on decades of renowned versatility and reliability in the King Air family, and this upgrade further elevates it with engineering advancements designed to create an enhanced flying experience for passengers and crew alike," said Textron Aviation president and CEO Ron Draper. "The aircraft is a result of our conversations with our turboprop customers worldwide as we continually increase next-generation capability to help them achieve their varied missions." The cabin has upgrades too with all the LED lighting you could want as well as new seats; more refined cabinetry, partitions, and side ledges; higher work tables; lower profile air and light components; new switches; and power outlets and USB charging stations. There are also five new interior schemes: lava saddle, new pewter, latte, buttercream, and alpaca. The cabin pressure is lowered to below 6,000 feet now at 27,000 feet. The pilots have new controls too with Thrust Sense auto-throttles that automatically manage engine power from the takeoff roll through the climb, cruise, descent, go-around and landing phases of flight. This enhancement reduces pilot workload and supports them in their continuous vigilance to prevent over-speed or under-speed, over-temp and over-torque conditions. These are some of the new features of the new King Air 360/360ER. The King Air 360 will cost you 7.9 million dollars while the Extended Range version will cost 8.795 million dollars.

    For more information:

    Cessna Aircraft Company
    1 Cessna Blvd.
    Wichita, KS 67215

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.