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News: Third Pilatus PC-24 Test Aircraft Takes To The Skies

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  1. Third Pilatus PC-24 Aircraft Takes To The Skies
    Swiss manufacturer Pilatus announced yesterday that the third test article for the PC-24 Pilatus jet took to the skies to join the test program. The third aircraft known as P03 (prototype 3) left the airfield at around 9:45 in the morning. The new aircraft is registered HB-VSA and will be the last prototype to be engaged in testing ahead of certification which is planned for the last quarter of this year. Bare in mind, the first prototype, P01 initially flew back in May of 2015 and P02 flew in November of that year and have been heavily engaged in the test program.
  2. Oscar J. Schwenk, Chairman of the Board of Directors, commented as follows on progress with the PC-24 programme: "I'm delighted to have seen the P03 in the air today! The PC-24 test flight programme is proceeding as planned and the results are very encouraging. The data we have so far indicate that our Swiss business jet exceeds published performance figures. I am confident that certification will be achieved in the 4th quarter, and am naturally looking forward with immense anticipation to the moment when our first customers take delivery of their PC-24!" P03 of the PC-24 will be fitted with a full "Zermatt" style executive production interior.

    For more information:

    Pilatus Aircraft Ltd
    Corporate Communications
    P.O. Box 992
    6371 Stans, Switzerland

Thread Status:
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