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News: Third Test G600 Flies; G500 Testbed Records Longest Flight

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  1. G500 Testbed Records Longest Flight; Third Test G600 Flies
    The test programs relating to the G500 and G600 new models of Gulfstream are moving along with pace. As the programs mature new and exciting developments occur. The third Gulfstream G600 test article recently took to the skies and joined that respective test program Additionally, one of the G500 test aircraft recorded the longest flight so far of that particular model highlighting its excellent range and performance characteristics.
  2. The aircraft was the fifth test article in the program that was involved in the flight. The flight actually was done to test the satellite communications system onboard. While doing that the aircraft logged just over 4,800 nautical miles or around 10 hours of flight time. The G500 is designed to fly 5,000 nautical miles at around Mach 0.85. You can go a bit faster at Mach 0.90 but that burns significantly more fuel resulting in an expected range of 3,800 nautical miles. Gulfstream is hoping to wrap up testing of the G500 program in October and have deliveries before the year ends. The G500 Test program has accumulated around 2800 hours so far.

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