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News: Two New Boeing 787 BBJ Contracts Nabbed

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  1. Two New Boeing 787 BBJ Contracts Attained
    Large business jet contracts for conversion do not happen as quickly as new build orders but the Boeing 737 BBJ and A320 family of ACJ jets have for a long time kept things going for the executive side of their respective businesses. With larger variants like the B787 Dreamliner and A350 XWB coming on stream in the commercial sector naturally these companies will offer VIP variants of them and last year was the first time that a true bespoke Boeing 787 Dreamliner executive aircraft was delivered to a customer. Now news is that a contract has been signed with Greenpoint Technologies to convert two Dreamliners into Corporate Jet status.
  2. The first of these is a Boeing 787-9 variant which when completed will be the first of that variant to be delivered. The second is the Boeing 787-8 variant -the shortest of the two-. The customers are unnamed which is expected but one thing is certain, VIP conversions on this scale are bespoke to the highest degree. “Our clients know the complexity of these programs and the challenges they present. Our on time delivery performance and over 315,000 hours of 787 engineering design and development experience assure our clients we will perform. We have the technological knowledge, experience and resources to deliver on our promise,” emphasizes Bret Neely, Greenpoint EVP. The V-VIP 787-8 and 787-9 interiors are designed by the Greenpoint Design Team in partnership with the Client.

    For more information:

    Boeing Business Jet Unit
    P.O. Box 3707, MC 1E-77
    Seattle, WA 98124-2207

Thread Status:
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