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News: Type Inspection Certificate Awarded To Epic E1000

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  1. Epic E1000 Awarded Type Inspection Certificate
    For a while now we have been hearing that type certification was coming or close by for the new Epic E1000 turboprop. However, the aircraft was just granted its Type Inspection Certificate (TIA). This is an important milestone for Epic Aircraft as it paves the way for full certification. With the first flight taking place towards the end of 2015, the TIA is a welcomed piece of certification. Flight test conforming aircraft went through around 4,000 testing areas to satisfy the FAA to this point.
  2. It hasn't been a smooth road for the Epic E1000. Not only has it taken a while to get to this point for Epic Aircraft with the E1000 but the company was saddened by tragedy. While not an E1000, an Epic LT kitplane made by Epic Aircraft crashed earlier in the year taking the lives a three. Epic Aircraft was quick to say at the time that they crash would not affect the current timeline of the E1000. As for the E1000, that program passed the last of its 4000 FAA testing points on July 18th, 2019 which led to the granting of the TIA.

    For more information:

    Epic Aircraft
    22590 Nelson Road,
    Bend OR 97701

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.