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News: Vaeridion 9-Passenger Electric Aircraft Coming in 2030

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  1. Electric 'Microliner' To Fly By 2030
    Start-up Vaeridion is expected to bring a 9-passenger all-electric aircraft to market by 2030. The latest news is that they have joined forces with charter group ASL to help make the 2030 timeline feasible. Vaeridion, which is based in Germany, has not released alot of information on the new passenger electric aircraft but renders have been released giving a glimpse at the design logic.
  2. The design appears to draw and meld inspiration from a Pilatus PC-12 and a Glider. A glider because of the thin and long wings that stretch 79-feet. These will help extend the range of the aircraft to around 272 miles. The aircraft is being referred to as the 'microliner'. Their (Vaeridion) modus is to use the aircraft on short runs connecting smaller cities. They use the example of 80% of Germans live within 20 km of an airfield. The company intends to go in the direction of building a certification-conforming prototype in 2026 and start flight testing that year as it works to words airworthiness approval under EASA's CS-23 Level 3 rules and SC-19 special conditions for electric propulsion.

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