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News: Venus Aerospace Hypersonic 'Stargazer'

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  1. 'Stargazer' Hypersonic Jet By Venus Aerospace
    Yesterday, a Texas-based company named Venus Aerospace unveiled a hypersonic design they call 'Stargazer'. The premise of the the aircraft is to wisk passengers in true hypersonic fashion to the other side of the globe in one hour. The jet will take off conventionally from an airport and climb to the edge of space with the ability to travel at Mach 9. For now this is nothing more than an active concept. There is no timeline for the Stargazer to enter service.
  2. Venus Aerospace is a very young company having only been formed in 2020 and the Stargazer concept has been in development since then. The company was formed by Sarah “Sassie” Duggleby and Dr. Andrew Duggleby and they claim it isn't science fiction. "This isn’t science fiction, this is science fact," said Andrew Duggleby, noting the design has been in the making since the company was founded. "The rendering you see took many, many cycles to achieve." The conceptual design of the hypersonic spaceplane was unveiled at UPsummit2022.

    For more information:

    Venus Aerospace
    12577 Blume Ave, Houston,
    TX 77034, United States

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.