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News: VoltAero Cassio 330 To Start Assembly Before End of 2022

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  1. VoltAero To Start Cassio 300 Assembly Before Year End
    VoltAero is a company that is set to make hybrid-electric aircraft in three versions. The Cassio base aircraft will eventually be available in three versions, the first being the Cassio 330. The Cassio 330, once certified, will come as a 4/5 seat aircraft with a 330 kw electric-hybrid power module -hence the model name-. Other models in the pipeline will include the Cassio 480 which will have 6 seats powered by a 480 kw power module and lastly the 10/12-seat Cassio 600 which as you guessed ill have a 600 kw power module. For now though the emphasis is on fielding the Cassio 330 model. The company already has a tested -Cassio 1- well-engaged in flight tests that is near to passing 10,000 test km. That aircraft has the 600-kilowatt full-power version of VoltAero’s electric-parallel hybrid propulsion unit.
  2. The Cassio family will provide a highly capable, reliable and sustainable product line for commercial flights, air taxi/charter companies, private owners, as well as in utility-category service for cargo, postal delivery and medical evacuation (MEDEVAC) applications. To help bring this to a reality the company expects to start groundbreaking on their assembly facility this Summer in time to finish for work towards the end of the year. The facility will be located at Rochefort Airport in France’s Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

    For more information:

    Aérodrome de Royan-Médis
    Rue Joseph de Lelée
    17600 Médis

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.