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News: VRCO 'Luxury' XP4 eVTOL

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  1. VRCO XP4 eVTOL Sign MoU
    VRCO has signed an MoU with Spanish company CITD to be their sole design and engineering partner for the development of the XP4 passenger eVTOL and the XPC cargo variant. CITD is expected to carry out manufacturing support, flight testing and regional representation for e-VTOL training. "We are entering the ‘Age of Airvolution™’, and in the near future, learning to fly will be accessible, affordable and will provide a strong rewarding career", Michael Smith, founder and CEO of VRCO said.
  2. The XP4 is a four person craft representing the Airvolution™ - the next wave of human air mobility according to the company. The looks and aesthethics of the vehicle appear more to be that of a sports car that is proposed to fly. In fact the company themselves suggest this. "VRCO is developing a hyperluxury supercar of the skies". If you are now hearing about this project then here is a little information. The XP4 design solidified in August 2016 and has now moved from design and concept into the build phase. To an earlier timeline the Full-size build should have been completed in 2021 with operational testing in 2022 and certification beginning in 2023/24. However, we are not certain that the schedule is running to this earlier timeline. As part of safety planned for the eVTOL a ballistics parachute is to be fitted to the machine.

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.